At a glance

Department of Physics was officially established by Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 72 in 1965. In the beginning, Department of Physics organized S1 (Bachelor Degree) which is a part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences (FIPIA). Since 1983, with the arrangement of organizational structure in ITS, Department of Physics is organized by Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MIPA), which was inaugurated in 1982 by Government Regulation No. 5/1980 and No. 27/1981. In a further development after nearly two decades, Department of Physics has achieved grade A of accreditation for the undergraduate program (S1) in 1999, and was updated in 2012 with grade A also of accreditation from the National Accreditation of Higher Education (BAN PT).

Beginning in 2001, the Department of Physics has conducted a Master Degree (S2) and has obtained accreditation in 2006 for this program and has been renewed in 2013 with a grade of accreditation A. To accommodate the development and application of Physics, Department of Physics developed a five (5) groups areas of interest, namely Material Physics, Instrumentation, Theoretical Physics, Opto-electronics, and Earth Physics. As well as the development in the areas of interest, starting the second semester of the academic year 2007 – 2008, Department of Physics has been administering Doctoral Program (S3), with a letter of approval from the Directorate General of Higher Education in 2007 and has achieved grade A of accreditation in 2013.

Department of Physics, ITS become a center of education, research and development of physics and their application in technology both at national and international levels.

1. Improving performance, based on minimum service standards to satisfy the routine activities according to the SOP.
2. To organize internal management and empowerment of internal strength.
3. To support the management in strengthening international networking and promotion.
4. To develop and implement innovative-progressive agenda that supports the ITS efforts in strengthening international recognition.