Academic Scene of Physics Department

Learning Materials in Physics Department

Learning materials are given in the Department of Physics is in accordance with course objectives for each course comes with a syllabus and RPBK. Course syllabus consists of course descriptions, course objectives, a bibliography, and evaluation of the material so that the material provided is always tailored to each course objective.

Structure and range of teaching activities

1 semester of teaching and learning take place within a period of 16 weeks, including in the form of assignments, quiz, presentation, practice, evaluation of mid-term and final evaluation of the semester.

Academic Services

Physics Department provides a variety of academic services to students, including:

  1. provide guidance / assistance courses that have been equipped with multimedia forms and on-line so it can be widely accessible (subject: Diffraction Crystals, Physics Instrumentation, Intelligent Instruments, Statistical Physics, Introductory Physics and Materials).
  2. Student Organizations that have facilitated the division that focus on providing guidance lectures for courses that low graduation rate.
  3. provides a library / reading room with a collection of books and journals are full. Institute and Physics Department faculty trustee determines the formation of the active providing services and guidance that are academic
  4. organizing guest lectures and seminars are filled by professionals on a daily basis Monday
  5. encourage students and faculty to actively participate in inter-agency communication forums profession and area of ​​expertise Physics Physics student communication forums
  6. establishing active communication with the alumni through the alumni communication forum,
  7. utilizing the Academic Management Information System managed by BAAK to support student academic services.
  8. Forming an active Student Consulting Team provides academic guidance for student academic competition activities

Information and career guidance (COOP)

In order to provide guidance, career information, and the latest industry requirements to students, Department of Physics, perform some activities such as:

  1. Student Organizations that have facilitated the division that focus on providing information employment opportunities, internship, and scholarship.
  2. Actively invite alumni and or facilitating direct communication between the professional industry with students through guest lectures.
  3. Actively participate in inter-agency communication forums profession physics expertise.
  4. Establish career information and guidance from alumni of the Department of Physics.
  5. Forming an active Student Consulting Team provides information and career guidance.
  6. Lecturer Guardian addition to providing academic guidance also provides career guidance to students obtain the appropriate career.
  7. The Institute also has a career counseling agency (SAC: Student Advisory Center) which organizes a variety of training, and exchange career.

Guidance TA / Thesis

Guidance thesis (or thesis / TA) performed for students taking TA / Thesis. Each student is mentored by a supervisor and / or a faculty co-mentors. Students will be helped with the final coaching conducted by faculty. So that the research and writing of the results of research conducted will be more focused, effective, and efficient. Difficulties encountered in working on thesis / TA will be identified and resolved quickly. The research done by the students will be directed in accordance with the track record (track records) research faculty and research trees Physics Department.