Master Degree (S2)

Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) start to establish master programme since 1993/1994 and organise twenty (20) Master's Degree. One of them is Master's Degree of Physics Department.

Duration of Study

In accordance with the recent curriculum of 2014-2019, the Master's Degree provides 36 (thirty six) credits after completing a related Bachelor's Degree Program and scheduled in 4 (four) semesters.

Academic activities include: following classes, review lessons, conducting activities in the laboratory, literature study, participating actively in discussions and seminars, enriching knowledge of science and performing research, and following examinations.

After the students accomplish the courses, other academic activities (eg laboratory activities) and thesis, will earn a Master of Science (M.Si) degree.

Candidate Requirements

  1. Participants have undergraduate background of State University or Private Higher Education with a minimum accredited B study program, or a university accredited at least B.
  2. Candidates have a good academic ability and or have a minimum GPA of 2.75 for a scale of 4.
  3. Submitting recommendation letters from:
    • The employer.
    • The former Bachelor's Degree's supervisor.
    • Senior lecturers or professor
  4. Declare the ability to complete a master's degree in Postgraduate Program of ITS.
  5. Submit TPA and TOEFL test results from a credible Institution or obtain validation from ITS with a minimum value of 400.
  6. Pass the enrollment test:
    • Writing
    • Interview

Procedures and Registration Fee

  1. Registration of Master and Doctoral Programmes is conducted online through the ITS website: and sends supporting documents:
    • Pay the registration fee directly at Teller throughout Bank BNI, by mentioning in front of teller about payment of registration fee of postgraduate programme of ITS:
      ProgramRegistration Fee
      Magister (S2) Rp. 500.000,-
    • Obtain payment receipt from Bank BNI in which there is PIN (Personal Identification Number) for 16 character and Access Code of Registration for 8 character for the purpose of online registration.
    • Oreparing: Newest 4x6 cm color photograph file size in JPEG or PNG format with maximum size 500KB
  2. Applicant must send all supporting documents (directly or through courier service)
    Director of Postgraduate Programme
    Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember
    Kampus ITS Sukolilo
    Surabaya, 60111
  3. Test TOEFL and TPA (Academic Potential Test)